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Parabolic AB Converter


I've gotten several emails requesting further info on my purchase of
Parabolic AB's 13 cm converter, so I'll post this on the BB.

Their web site is http://www.parabolic.se/index.shtml  Click on HAM
Radio for their relevant products.  They don't seem to use model
numbers, just descriptive titles.  The converter I bought is their
"Parabolic AMSAT Mode S Converter".  It's SEK 1820 plus 180 for the bias
tee plus 255 shipping/handling:  $230 total at current exchange rate. 
This sounds steep, but with outdoor mounting, less than 1 dB NF and
ovenized crystal reference, I think it will be worth it.  There were
several in stock as of last Monday.

The contact for their ham equipment is Ben at sm6cku@parabolic.se  He's
very helpful and prompt with replies.

They also make equipment for the L-band uplink which sounds intriguing. 
I'll wait to see how AO-40 comes along before commiting to that, though.

I sent cash via registered mail.  Cliff's suggested alternative sounds
like a good one, but too late for me this time around.
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