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Satellite tracking Theory

Hi all!
I am trying to do a satellite tracking program as a university work.
This will be done in Java and I will release the source code so anyone
interested can modify it or use my classes in other apps.

I found some source code in C which I can understand and easily port to Java
on the amsat.org ftp. Although some of the code is well commented I still
need some help.

I can already parse a 2Line orbital element file, store the various elements
in diferent variables and validate them.

What I need to know is how to interpret those elements and understand how to
calculate the satellite position at a certain time. If anyone can point me
to a source of information on that I would be most greateful.

Also if anyone has some source code in C, C++ or Java that would like to
share with me, then please feel free to email it to me directly.

If anyone wants to try the software, email me too !!!

Thanks in advance.


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