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Re: DSP and the Computer

At 03:56 2001-01-02 -0500, you wrote:
>         Use a fast computer I have a AMD 133, a pice of junk, and I try 
> running some DSP software, on it and it is not fast enough.  Get a Pentam 
> II mid speed one. and use a logic drive, incase you use Logic software, 
> it is not a Logic drive, pun intended.  A logic makes your computer work 
> speed improve, being that,
>1.  You are useing win 95, or 98, because they still use dos, Win 2000 
>does not.
>2.  It uses in 98 a thing call dinamict drive, but the system is base on 
>dos tect,      and dos takes up the first emtey space on your hard disk 
>drive, and it slows it down..
>3.  Even with the other software, 2000 some problems still excest.
>4. Still use a faster computer, and a logic drive that is just use for the 
>dinamict dirve, it will run just faster. trust me.  Having promblems with 
>ham radio, but know computers.
>Best wishes for 2001 for you and me!!

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