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RE: Grid Rules

I defer to Bruce as the authority on awards as he is the ARRL Awards Manager, therefore his word regarding the validity of a QSO is infinitely more meaningful than mine, but I must insist on the validity of the positioning concept in my tongue-in-cheek response to Joe, including a couple of questions I have added in the appropriate position in Bruce's text. 

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 > > I was doing a little planning for 2001 and had a question about grid square
 > > rules.
 > > 
 > > 1.  I am under the impression I can locate in a corner where 4 grid squares meet
 > > and provide all 4 grids with each contact.  Is this correct?
 > > 
 > Yes, you can or on the boundry of two grids.
 > > 2.  How close do I need to be to the corner?  Within 100 feet? 100 yards? 10
 > > feet?
 > >
 > The transmitter must be located exactly on the grid square based on either 
 > survey lines or a gps.
     Does "exactly on the grid square" mean "inside the grid square"? If so, then it is not in any other grid  square. 
 > > 3.  What has to be located on or near the corner?  Me?  My antenna?  My
 > > transmitter?  (Can't put all of those in exactly the same place!)
 > The transmitter. 
         Are you approving the idea of "near the corner" as also covering the adjoining squares? 

 > 73...bruce
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All the best. 


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