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Re: Software platforms [was:UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software

I watched the demo for VMWare at SDexpo last fall.  I asked the guy how much
of a system it required.  He gave the standard (more is better answer).
When I pressed him he said 1Ghz box with at least 256 MB RAM.  That's a
little more horsepower than my second hand machine.

I am curious does Linux make bad APPS good?  or does it correct
configuration mistakes?  I have lots of stuff that has been running in
Windows without crashing for years.  If you write stable code it just runs
and runs.  One of my work apps has been running at 24/7 on WinNT for 17
months.  I will be bringing it down in the morning to install some new user
requested features.


P.S. I don't work for or get paid by Microsoftt, but I have slept by the
Microsoft pod.

> > Tools like VMWare can also let you eliminate the secondary
> > computer. VMWare lets you run whatever "guest" operating system you
> > want in a "virtual machine" emulated on top of a Linux host.  There's
> > something satisfying about putting Bill Gates in a box, as it
> > were. It's even more supremely gratifying when one of his buggy
> > kludges crashes, as they so often do. Instead of hitting the hardware
> > reset button and waiting a few minutes, you only have to restart the
> > virtual machine. The underlying Linux host OS just keeps on running.
> >
> > VMWare's only real drawback is its significant emulation overhead, as
> > the Intel x86 architecture wasn't designed to be completely
> > virtualizable. If you have a slow machine, forget about VMWare.  But
> > on a reasonably fast machine (400-600 MHz Pentium II/III) it's
> > reasonably acceptable for most of the Windows applications that my
> > work forces me to run (e.g., Microsoft Office).

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