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Re: Software platforms [was:UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 05:47:02PM -0800, Phil Karn wrote:
> I do keep Windows on a second machine to run the few important
> applications that aren't yet available for Linux, such as Quicken or
> the latest gimmick-laden proprietary streaming-video-codec-du-jour.
> It uses my main Linux system for all network services.
> Tools like VMWare can also let you eliminate the secondary
> computer. VMWare lets you run whatever "guest" operating system you
> want in a "virtual machine" emulated on top of a Linux host.  There's
> something satisfying about putting Bill Gates in a box, as it
> were. It's even more supremely gratifying when one of his buggy
> kludges crashes, as they so often do. Instead of hitting the hardware
> reset button and waiting a few minutes, you only have to restart the
> virtual machine. The underlying Linux host OS just keeps on running.
> VMWare's only real drawback is its significant emulation overhead, as
> the Intel x86 architecture wasn't designed to be completely
> virtualizable. If you have a slow machine, forget about VMWare.  But
> on a reasonably fast machine (400-600 MHz Pentium II/III) it's
> reasonably acceptable for most of the Windows applications that my
> work forces me to run (e.g., Microsoft Office).

An alternative to VMware is Win4Lin, which is quite similar, but
doesn't support all of the Windows features (Direct-X, for example). 
On the other hand, it is much quicker than VMware and most apps run
quite well.

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