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Re: Grid Rules

I forget exactly as well, but for rover operation there is a specification
that you can only be in one grid at a time and you must move a minimum
distance before being allowed to "operate" in the next grid.  However, this
is for contest operations and is designed to prevent a station from setting
up a fixed station on a 4 grid intersection and not really rove while giving
out grid squares.

For non-contest purposes though such as satellite contacts, I think Bruce is
correct that you can be in multiple grids at a time and give out multiple
grids for the QSO. 



on 1/2/01 12:10 PM, Chris Williams at cwilliams@clubnet.net wrote:

> I've not operated as a rover station in several years now, but back when I
> did, we were not allowed to claim more than one grid square at a time. These
> rules may have been modified since then, but I don't think so as it would
> appear to give an unfair advantage to the guy in the corner and the guy's
> that work him. I never worked from a corner, but I did work from the border
> of two squares and I remember that I had to choose one square and would have
> to move "X units distance" from there to claim the other square. I don't
> recall now either "X" or the "units distance". This was about 7 or 8 years
> ago now.

Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



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