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Re: Using Class C Amplifiers for SSB

Joseph - I gave some thought to the use on satellites of my suggesetion of a
small amount of  injected carrier with SSB to bias a Class C amplifier into
the linear region before I posted it.

At the levels I recall, the carrier 10 dB or more down, I don't  think that
it would have a major impact on the power used by the satellite. The duty
cycle would only be increased by 10 % for the 10 dB down case. There is
probably at least a 10 % variation in the duty cycle from the highest duty
cycle SSB station to the lowest duty cycle SSB station. I think that the use
of heavy (but still legal) compression would increase the duty cycle as much
or more than injecting a carrier 10 dB down.

This is clearly not an optimum use of the satellites power budget, but it is
not a disaster either. Getting a lot of operators on the microwaves might be
worth it.

I predominately use CW, so I think I will order one of the Pod amplifiers
and build up a small driver. It should be a cheap way to get on L band.
James R. Duffey KK6MC/5
30 Casa Loma Road
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

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