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Re: Grid Rules

"Frederick M. Spinner" (W0FMS) wrote:

> My understanding is that to give out the multiple four grids as a
> rover, you have to be 1 km in from the grid border in each grid.
> Not to hard to do as a rover, at least in the midwest.  Last time I
> did that I followed a windy gravel road on a grid line for miles
> and was able to do six grids, and pull off just about anywhere I
> wanted to do this.  Otherwise it'd be too easy.


Just to clarify (you may have already figured this out from Bruce's
replies), you are thinking of general VHF contesting rules, not
VUCC satellite rules.

Quoting from the ARRL contest rules:

  "A station located precisely on a dividing line between grid squares
   must select only one as the location for exchange purposes. A
   different grid-square multiplier cannot be given without moving the
   complete station (including antennas) at least 100 meters."

So your recollection is off by one order of magnitude -- you have
to move a minimum of 0.1 kilometer, not 1.0 kilometer.  And you
don't necessarily have to be that distance in from the grid line,
you could be 1 foot inside the line in one grid, and then move
at least 100 meters to the next grid.  (I knew this, not because my
memory is any better than yours, but because the last time I was
out as a rover in a contest was just last August for the ARRL UHF
gig.  I had a great time, even though I posted the lowest contest
score I've ever turned in to ARRL!  Oh well, I'm not ashamed to
admit that.  My score in the June contest, reported in the same
issue of QST, was "slightly" better.) 

*BUT* as Bruce pointed out, the rules are different for VUCC Satellite
endorsement, which I just discovered for the first time a few months
ago -- you can actually straddle 2 or 4 grids and give out both/all of
them at once for that purpose!  But you have to be RIGHT AT THE GRID
LINE(s), not 10 feet or 100 feet or 1 kilometer away.

Happy New Year (New Decade, New Century, New Millennium) everyone!

John (KB0ZEV)
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