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RE: Using Class C Amplifiers for SSB

> In the second case I was speaking of, I was talking about adding an
> unrelated CW tone to the output RF signal.  This could be 
> done through a
> combiner network.  Then one would think that this CW tone 
> that's on all the
> time would keep the class C amplifier biased on all the time.

Hmm, would lead to some _very_ interesting intermod products! :-)

> That's the difference that I was speaking of.
> But I don't think using either one with a class C amplifier 
> would work in
> either case.  

I very much doubt it.  I recall a friend who did research on using class C
amps as linear amps (i.e. for cleanly amplifying signals which varied in
amplitude), and he was using feedback to "linearise" the amp.  I think the
general idea was to compare the output amplitude with the amplitude of the
original signal, and adjust the operating conditions of the amplifier to
keep the gain of the system effectively constant (can't remember if it was
drive, supply voltage or some other parameter that was used for gain control
by the beedback system).
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