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Re: Software platforms [was:UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software]

Douglas Cole wrote:

>> I'm still threatening to write a CAT contoller for my FT-847 in Java...
> When you do let me know , better yet try and check out what PHP will do for you

Um....not sure I see the connection here. PHP is an HTML scripting language.
Because a CAT controller needs access to a serial port to talk to the radio, my
(as yet hypothetical) CAT contoller will need to inherit from "application", not
from "servlet" or "applet". 

There's a very common misconception that Java and JavaScript have something to
do with each other. They really don't, very much. 

Back on Pearl Harbor Day, 1995, I was at a conference in San Francisco called
"WebInnovation". Sun was there answering questions about Java (Usually the first
question at that time was "What's Java?"), and Marc Andressen was rolling out
the newest rev of their browser, Netscape 2.0, which was to have a Java virtual
machine, and a new scripting language called (until then) LiveScript. 

I think Netscape and Sun knew they'd best get to be buddies because some outfit
named Microsoft was beginning to take note of the fact that the Netscape browser
had suddenly acquired the ability to actually run applications. So in a
cobranding/comarketing move, Sun endorsed the new Netscape and granted them a
licence to call the LiveScript scripting language "JavaScript".

Pure marketing. Probably a good strategic move at the time, because that very
same day, Bill Gates was addressing a crowd elsewhere, telling them that
Microsoft had just signed a licence to integrate Java into their operating
systems, and that MS was suddenly "hard core about the Internet".

 But Java and JavaScript have little in common but the name...

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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