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Re: Software platforms [was:UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software]

"Ed Mitchell, KF7VY" wrote:

> I recommend Borland C++ Builder as an economical alternative to writing
> Windows apps. 

It's not an economical alternative *to* writing Windows apps. It's an economical
alternative *for* writing Windows apps. An economical alternative *to* writing
Windows apps is writing for another platform. :-)

C++ makes me break out in hives; I don't have that kind of patience. 

I'm still threatening to write a CAT contoller for my FT-847 in Java, and since
I've been more active on the linear transponder birds (now that I'm hanging out
in #amsat) I've got some more practical ideas and some real-world motivation to
do so. By the way, folks looking for a very interesting Java development
environment should stop by http://bluej.org

> Speaking of writing drivers, it should be possible to run the
> Win98/Win2000[1] TCP/IP implementations on top of existing AX.25 packet TNCs
> by implementing a...driver for...the TNC... [2] One reason is that likely 
> requires not only the MS development tools set but also the Device Driver 
> Kit and/or other specialized development tools.

AX.25 is simply another address family in Linux, living happily side-by-side
with TCP/IP. Out of the box. Soundcard modems, TNCs, whatever you want.

Yeah, I've seen the DDK. No, thanks. And as you say, MS has you by the
<gender-neutral sensitive body parts> here, too. The game is rigged to favor
development organizations big enough to be intimidated by Redmond. 

As Joshua once said in "War Games", 'The only way to win is not to play." But if
*you* want to play, by all means go ahead. Let us know how you make out. :-)

You know, in ten years, "no-code" will probably mean a completely different
thing when applied to a radio amateur. If we're still here.

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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