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Software platforms [was:UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software]

laura halliday wrote:
 Clive Wallis <clivew@zetnet.co.uk> wrote:
>I'm just starting with Linux, and will have a look at using it for
>decoding UO-11, if I ever get round to trying some programming!
>However as Margaret K3XS indicated, a Linux program, however good and
>easy to write won't be of much use to the majority who use Win9x. 

Let's not misunderstand my comments. I run Linux in my shack. I was being
sarcastic about the total lack of security in on most Windows machines.

I also think the total penetration of that commercial operating system into the
ham community is a crying shame. I also think the belated (Win 95) availability
of a built-in TCP/IP stack in the Windows operating systems is a serious reason
amateur packet radio faced an uphill struggle in keeping up with data networking
technology, with only the hard work of a few pioneers (Hi, Phil!) standing out
in the general gloom of obsolescence.

Maybe AO-40 will offer an opportunity for us to bootstrap into something a
little more modern in that department. 

Laura Halliday wrote:

> If people want a Windoze program they are more than welcome
> to write one. Just don't ask me, because I'm not interested,
> and don't have any Windoze development tools anyway.

That's one aspect of software economics that doesn't get much attention. The
development tools for Windows are just about completely controlled by Microsoft,
and are hideously expensive. What you can do with them is largely confined to
what Redmond wants independant developers (their competition, in many markets)
to be able to do. And if MS has their way, we shall all be *renting* our
applications (and the tools to build them) from them. Imagine if Ford had to
rent their tools from GM...

Not this girl.

Linux, on the otherhand *comes* with a boatload of developers tools,
applications and utilities...

 73 de Maggie K3XS
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