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Re: Re: UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software

laura halliday wrote:
> So? If I'm developing software I'm using my computer. I've
> paid for it myself, and I'm doing it on my own time. I'll
> use whatever operating system/development environment/etc.
> I like.
> If people want a Windoze program they are more than welcome
> to write one. Just don't ask me, because I'm not interested,
> and don't have any Windoze development tools anyway.
> P.S. Happy New Year, everybody!

Hooraw ! , now I can only hope that you are writing for linux , and then for us
programmer illiterates , if you could share your fun with us , I know I would
appreciate it ( maybe even with money ) , since I run only Linux at home , as it
is more stable and consistent for me , I don't know why more of the guys out
there that write all this cool software for amateur stuff don't write it for
linux ( is it because they like using VB instead of C ? :^P  ) , heck , you can
get a distro' CD that has all the developement tools , debuggers , compilers ,
etc , plus the OS and choice of GUI's and all the applications you might need (
star office anyone ? )  for only $39 !

Sounds to me like a cheap 'ole amateurs dream !!! 

Man ...... I just don't get it ......

Well one of these days maybe I will have enough time to actually learn C/C++
programming  (learned fortran and cobol back in mid '70s ) , but as it goes if I
try that now , I will never get any of my other projects done !!

I really don't know how half you folks do it ( all the stuff you get done :)  ) 

My hats off to John Magliacane KD2BD for the program "predict" for Linux , as
otherwise I would have a hard time tracking sats at my place :^)

And thanks again to all the AMSAT folks around the world for keeping this hobby
of mine -very- interesting and challenging !

happy new years folks :)

We have lived through to a new Millenium !!!!

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Spokane IRLP node 145.250 owner
Registered Linux user # 188922
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