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Re: MMDS converters

I bought my three Drake 2880 downconvertors from SCTV for $100 back in 1998
with absolutely no problem.  Bob was very helpful via e-mail.  There was
quite a demand for them by hams, even then.  I believe the supply ran out
after about a year. 

Just in case anyone wants to look it up, Steve Ford, WB8IMY, wrote an
article in Feb. 98 QST [pp 43-46] on the Drake and how to modify it.  There
were some web sites then.  Don't know if they are still active.

I gave two of my units to Mike, WL7BQM, to modify for 433.9 IF using a
computer clock xtal.  I gave one unit to Mike intrade for modifying one.
Mike has already modified a Drake for 144 and is copying the S2 beacon
using a Meyers dish.  My third unit is unmodified so 2.4G-->122 MHz. This
way both of us will have dual IF's for 2.4G so we will be able to operate
modes VS, US, and LS.

Well its a new year and a new Millenium!


>From: Chris Hill <CRH_Telnet@bigpond.com>
>Hi all,
>I second Woody's sentiments about SCTV...  I purchased three Drake 2880
>downconverters (some time ago) from Bob, including shipping to Perth,
>Western Australia.  Not a single problem!
>(It's also refreshing to see a business refusing to sell the _wrong_
>product to customers.)
>Have a great New Year, and I wish everyone luck in getting their 2.4GHz
>systems running sooner rather than later!

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