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Mode S polarization which to use?

Message text written by "Allen Fugelseth"
Like the ham in Carmel By the Sea  I may have a problem
with the local City Government and dishes. For 2.4GHz  I'll probably will
have to put up two helixes, one LHCP and the other RHCP.  If I only put up
one, which polarization is the best choice?

I'll probably connect a preamplifier to it and a
Drake Downconverter to two meters.

                        73, Allen Fugelseth WB6RWU
                              Capitola, Ca.<


AO40 antennas are ALL RHCP. So that's what you should use.
There has been lots of discussion on this bb about this topic lately; if
you can go back a week or 2 you will find a ton of info.

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