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Re: Re: UO-2 Telemetry Decoder Software

Hello James!

31 Dec 00 11:59, you wrote to Clive Wallis:

 >> Win9x. My original intention was to develop a DOS program, but even
 >> that wouldn't meet the needs of those who only use Win9x.  IIRC the
 >> DOS device drivers are fine for playing & recording WAV & MIDI files
 >> etc. but don't include low level operations, such as reading the
 >> incoming data by the bit or byte. Does using the Linux drivers get
 >> round this problem?
 JS> Yup.  You read() a block of bytes directly out of the input buffer on
 JS> the sound card.  What this data represents depends on how you set the
 JS> card's input encoders...which is done through a simple ioctl()
 JS> commands.

Can I make one comment here.  I find the fact that some soundcard programs are
available in a DOS flavour only is a source of frustration.  The reason is I
run Windows NT on my main box, and a lot of these programs fail miserably under
NT.  Linux, well that at least has a fighting chance, provided the processing
requirements are modest (it's only a 486).

Tony, VK3JED

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