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Re: Whats the best way to get on Mode L with FT847?

Hello Jeff!

30 Dec 00 17:20, you wrote to All:

 JK> First do I need a full transverter or just a transmit
 JK> converter?

For satellite only, a transmit converter is sufficient, as 1269 MHz is an
uplink only band.  That said, I intend to build a full transverter, so I can
use my AO-40 station for terrestrial contesting on 1296 as well.

Similar philosophy will apply to 2400 MHz (which is even better, with
satellites on 2400 -2403, and terrestrial DXing from 2403-2404. :)

 JK> Is 10 watts in the shack with hardline to a 12 turn helix
 JK> gonna do it on AO-40?

There's some link budget calculations.  My gut feel from what I've read it
it'll probably work, but may be marginal at times.

 JK> What equipment are most people using to get
 JK> on Mode L?

Basically, a kit transverter for me.

 JK> After it is all done - would the new rigs with the
 JK> 1.2 module be a better way to go?

Depends, I don't have the $$ for those things, so home brewing is a much more
attractive option.  YMMV, as they say. :)

Tony, VK3JED

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