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RE: Re: Snowhite, KK2L, & sunline.net

At 19:01 30-12-00 -0500, you wrote:
>At 01:37 PM 12/30/2000 , you wrote:
>>I've received this thing from eight different sources to wb5rue@arrl.net and
>>fifteen sources to other email addresses that I have.  It's all over the
>>place.  If you get it don't blame the originator, he/she probably didn't
>>even know about it.  This thing reads your incoming and your outgoing mail
>>histories as well as your address book.  It sends copies of itself to
>>EVERYONE it can find.  You can go to http://www.mcafee.com and get
>>instructions on checking your machine for it and how to get rid of it if you
>>have it.
>If you use Eudora Pro email with Norton you will NOT have this problem.

neither with linux  :-)

HYN 2001

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