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Re: KO-23 Status ??? UO-36 Info ???


also some experience from my side..

> 1 Receiver.
>     Symek also make a 435 MHz data radio that runs at speed up to 153k6.

That's (TRX4s) what I successfully used. But this radio is full transceiver
and because we do not need the TX for UO-36, it's quite expensive.
The IF-Demodulator is probably the best and cheapest choice..

> 2 Modem.
> 3. TNC
>     Again a couple of options -

SYMEK's new TNC31S comes only with one Radio port, so it is 
also cheaper than the normal two port TNC3.
The plug-in G3RUH compatible modem was modified for transmitting
at 9k6 and receiving at 38k4.  This works perfectly for UO-36.
The TNC3 uses a Motorola 68K embedded processor and thus is
capable to support much higher data rates.
A standard TNC2 is to slow for 38k4 (57600 baud on the RS232
port required)...

73s Peter

BTW: I do not have any commercial relation with SYMEK..

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