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APRS mobile test on AO16 (fwd)

Today I activated an AO-16 uplink of test packets (from Maryland, USA)
It is 20 watts into a car roof whip vertical on 145.94 and has a clear
horizon in all directions.

Two tests need to be performed on these packets:

1) Count successful packets during all passes.  Note success rate for
East, west and overhead passes.  This will benchmark how a vertical will
work to AO16.  I suspect overhead passes will do best.

2) Since FO-20 shares this freq, I need a few people to listen for me
there to make sure the 20w ERP will not QRM the transponder too much...

3) We will do a similar test later from a Turnstyle so we can get similar
statistics for horizontal polarization (which will probably do better).

Once we get these statistics, then I will reduce power to see what the
minimum ERP requirement is.  

If you want to join in these AO16 mobile APRS experiments, join the
ao16aprs SIG by sending a subscribe message to listserv@tapr.org

Feedback welcome.

de WB4APR, Bob

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