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Re: Dramatic GPS

Laura Halliday wrote:
> All the recent talk of GPS reminded me of one of the few (only?)
> times I've seen GPS used in a dramatic production...

GPS is having serious "dramatic" impact in aero navigation, I can tell you. I'm
currently studying to add an instrument flight certification to my pilots'
license, and the obsolete nature of most navigation avionics is dreadfully
depressing. The current instrument navigation system is the most amazing
hodge-podge of old tech I've ever seen.

The only bright spot *I* can see on this horizon is an obvious analog to APRS, a
technically very similar system called "ADS-B".

 see:  http://www.ads-b.com/content/index.htm

 I do hope the work Bob is doing with satellite digipeaters can be worked into
all this somehow before my flying career is over. Now I'm gonna go back and
continue studying about landing an airplane by reference to a DF needle pointing
to an off-airport LF beacon while relying on somebody on the ground to keep me
from bumping into anybody in the process...<shiver>  :-)

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