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8J1RL info #1

Hello all,

8J1RL (operated by Kimio JA9BOH) in Syowa Station , Antarctica 
(69.00S,39.58E) worked these stations via AO-10 on his first try.
  29 Aug
  1245 DC8TS 53-55
  1247 PA0AND 53-53
  1249 DG2SBW 54-55
  1253 DL0DAF 43-55
  1258 DF0EU 53-53
  1300 DK0LAI 53-55
  1302 ES1RF 55-55
  1410 ZS6GBJ 55-55
RIG used was FT736MX (25W) and ANT were single 10el/145 and single
15el /435 Yagis both have 2.3m boom length.

He told me the possible QRV time as following. This plan may cancel
because of his job and weather condition. Bad weather doe't allow
him to fix the antenna direction.

Look for him around 145.890-900 on AO-10. Kimio wants to work new
stations who never make a QSO with 8J1RL via OSCAR. Please standby
until cease the pile-up if you made a QSO with 8J1RL before.

QSL will issue after his returen. He will back next spring.

possible QRV time (UTC)
Aug 30 1030--1230 test with FT847
    31 1100--1300 (LOS)
Sep  1 1000--1200 (LOS)
     2 no
     3 0930--1030 (LOS)
     4 0730--0930 (LOS)
     5 0700--0900 (LOS)
       2030--2130        not sure
     6 0700--0800
       1930--2100        not sure
     7 1800--2000        not sure

I'll pass another info soon.

Good DXing

JN1GKZ Masa   Tokyo Japan
   jn1gkz@jamsat.or.jp     http://www.din.or.jp/~m-arai/
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