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9600 baud sat users

Hello group
If you are a user on the 9600 baud satellite you might want to check out this 
message and delete certain files.
Seems the files ? might contain virus's
Please don't run the files involved.
KB0VBZ de Rick

Below is a message from UO-22
For the complete message read meassage #  (6dc29) it is a reply from the 
person involved.

From:     ON7VN
To:       ALL DG4MLO
Subject:  Re: Virus
From: ON7VN
Time: 094927UTC
Date: 24 Aug 1999
Hello ALL, Ulrich,

 >would you pls comment on the Virus infected uploads "ECLIPSE.EXE" :
 >UO-22/6DBEB &

I appologise for this great error of me. This is what happend :
First of all the call DG3CD is not a pirate......
The files should never be able to be uploaded at the first place,....

I'm working here on some software to improve the satnode here in Antwerp,
I was testing the software for binairy mails, therefore I sometime use fictive
calls for testing the soft, wich NEVER NEVER should get out of my LAN,
normaly this mails are deletes ASAP. For some reason the files stayed in de 
dir's of KO25 and UO22, .........the rest you now

Now the virus story
The file eclipse.exe is a server file from BACK ORIFICE, it's a network tool 
act as a trojan, it doesn't delete or upset you're computers.
I locally disabled my virusscanners for working with this software on my LAN, 
testing his futures...with my soft.....

                   Back Orifice 2000 is a remote access administration tool, 
                   although it is also considered a Trojan because of the fact 
                   that it runs in stealth mode ( this can be configured) and 
                   all the other typical features of a Trojan. When it is used 
                   a network administration tool it is simply superb, it has a 
                   lot of useful features and best of all it's also available 
                   with strong encryption (only for the US). Like a lot of 
                   if it gets in the wrong hands it can be a very dangerous 
                   Since bo2k is also open source it will grow even more 

read message 6DC29 on UO-22 for the rest

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