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HTs for SAT - please help !

Hello all !

I´m trying the first time to send a message to this mailing list - hope
it will work...

I would like to work satellites while I´m not at my home location. You
have to know that my job takes me twice a week to different locations
within Austria.
It´s not possible for me to use huge antennas and so on...

What I´ve got is a HB9CV-antenna, a 5-ele-Yagi, a PSION 3a and at the
moment an IC-2SE (2m).
I would like to work SAT´s with battery only...

Now my questions:

	Which 2-band-transceiver should I buy to have the best solution
	There are full-duplex-transceivers like ALINCO, but there are
also 2,3 and four-band transceivers that are not full-duplex (like
	How can I use my PSION for DIGI-SAT´s ?
	(Is it possible to work them with my equipment ??)

There are many more questions to come - hope someone out there can give
me some help.

Thank you very much in advance !!

Manfred Bucher

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