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thanks for the help guys

  thanks for the help to thoes who sent me the artic. and e-mail so i
could set
up my prairie digital card and new rotor, antenna system.
  well its up and running and tracking fine. although the az rotor pot is
wound right, i.e. its conicaly wound and has a 10 deg error all the way 
around, but with 45 deg beam width i am ok. maybe one of these days
i will rewind it so its more accurate.( its a orbit 24vac type tv rotor).
  its getting around 95% eff. on wisp, which is way better than the 30%
i got with a qha or the 25% on the egg beater.
  i will be giving ao-10 a try from time to time. i will see what happens
next few days on 145.895 dn. i dont have a up brick, just 25 watts into
13 dbi, so we will see.
  see ya on the birds and thanks again.
Alan Bethel KE6QIS
Grid CN70vs
E-mail ke6qis@juno.com
Packet ke6qis@k7wwa.#nca.ca.usa.noam

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