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AO-16 UI digi Communications

Finally, starting to see some UI digipeating on AO-16 and/or LO-19 over
the USA!  WIth the end of the MIR digipeater, these birds can be used for
remote and distant travelers to report their position /status.  (though it
does take special TNC's.  This weekend look for N8DEU, WB2WQM, KB9CML,
AB9V, N5ZNL and others...

Here is what Tim, N8DEU sent to us. As you can  see, the UI packets
look just like the packets from any other APRS digipeater... (I edited it
greatly to eliminate all duplicate packets as shown...)  See comments at
end for suggested operating procedures....


For those inquisitive minds on what the downlink on AO-16 looks
like,  the following text shows a sample of AO-16 ASCII data as I 
captured it...   [and edited by Bob]
30 dupes: PACSAT-11>PBLIST:PB: Empty.
10 times: PACSAT-1>TIME-1:PHT: uptime is 1803/22:03:49.  
                          Time is Fri Aug 27 03:44:38 1999
8 dupes:  PACSAT-12>BBSTAT:Open ABCD: 
8 dupes:  PACSAT-11>BSTAT:B: 1662860170
UI:       KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:
7 dupes:  PACSAT-1>AMSAT:August 1999
          AO-16 Pacsat owned and operated by AMSAT-NA
          AO16 Command Team <WJ9F>
UI:       KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:hello
6 dupes:  PACSAT-1>LSTAT:I P:0x14CA o:0 l:877 f:1024, d:1 st:5
4  UI's   KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:
5  UI's   KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:hello fr Jeff
UI:       KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:any aprses out there?
5 dupes:  KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:kb2wqm@amsat.org
UI:       KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:any aprses out there?
UI:       N8DEU>EM64PT,PACSAT-1*,WIDE,WIDE:n8deu@amsat.org
UI:       KB2WQM>FM29PE,PACSAT-1*:hello
          PACSAT-1>TIME-1:PHT: uptime is 1803/22:09:19.  
          Time is Fri Aug 27 03:50:08 1999
As you can see there is plenty of room for activity on AO-16.
It is a very quiet bird with lots of room for activity.  For those
who want to experiment this weekend on the uplink, I will try
to have my PSK modem activated to capture a log file if time
Tim Cunningham - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

Recommendations for APRS via AO-16 and LO-19 over the USA:

Use 145.94 uplink on AO-16 and UNPROTO APRS VIA PACSAT-1,WIDE,WIDE
Use 145.?? uplink on LO-19 and UNPROTO APRS VIA LUSAT-1,WIDE,WIDE

THe WIDE's on the end assure that when any APRS ground station hears
the packet, then it will be digipeated terrestrially into the worldwide
APRServe infrastructure... so that everyone can see it...

Join the AO16APRS Special Interest Group @TAPR.ORG


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