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FS: Drake Converters

A couple of weeks ago I wrote:

> Regarding the Drake 2880's I have for sale, I had more posts from outside
> UK/EI than I did from inside. There now are 12 units left. I am going on
> holiday pretty soon so I don't want to get involved in an international
> market before I go ... but I'll post when I get back (end-August). 
> The deal will be for a 2880 (no power splitter or blister) with the 
> *right* crystal for P3D frequency translation bringing 2400.0 MHz out at 
> 144.0 MHz. Also includes the papers mentioned above; cost of post/packing 
> included. Price will be UK pounds 50 (only one unit per person) and I will 
> want payment either in UK funds or US dollar bills (about $80); I want the 
> profits to go into the Amsat-UK P3D fund, not into bank charges for money 
> conversion. Use the intervening time in finding out how you can get a 
> cheque for 50 UK pounds.

Ok, I'm home. Refreshed and wanting rid of the converters.

Trouble is I'm not sure whether I'm going to get flooded with requests
for more converters than I have. So heres what I'll do.

If you want one, send me an e-mail direct (NB *not* to the -bb). After a few 
days I'll know the response and will be able to figure out what to do; in the
event of many more replies than converters I'll have to ration them (I'd like 
some to go to third-world amateurs if possible). I will then e-mail direct to 
all people who responded. Successful applicants will be expected to get the 
money to me within two weeks, NB above - dollar bills ($80 cash) or cheques 
(checks) for 50 UK Pounds are the only options; US dollar checks or any other
form of money transfers which result in banks getting the profit instead of 
Amsat-UK will be returned to sender *without* a converter. Mailing out will 
be by the cheapest airmail option available.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

       STILL   So many beautiful girls ..... (sob) so little time
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