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Jean-Pierre's Comments

Hi All Mir Fans,
	For those who might not have caught Jean-Pierre's thoughtful remarks this
date,  here is a translation from  the 11:37 UTC Pass over Cincinnati, Ohio
with his comments  directed  to the North American part of the Globe:

	Hello to all of you, we are very busy in the station but since the amateur
radio is close to us we are trying to tie it altogether in with the work. 
We are sending a picture now. ( Mir sent a fine picture of Sergei dressed
very comfortably and Jean-Pierre in his dark uniform with the distinguished
bright reddish Emblem designed by a young French artist depicting ' The
Look of the Man on the Earth' . This picture was from the Core Module with
new background from that of the Priroda, the Priroda now having been
closed..  Many packages could be seen in this picture covered with what
appeared to be blue wrapping cloth. )  
	JP continued:  OK, we are preparing and packaging the cargo and preparing
the Mir to leave altogether, doesn't give us so much free time.  We would
like to thank those Radio Amateurs who were faithfully on the frequency
either to get our picture or to send some or to send us a lot of packets. 
Thanks a lot for this great support either to the American or the
Canadians,  ah,  would have liked to talk to the Eskimos as well, but
never-the -less thanks to you, we are leaving tomorrow, we may have some
other opportunities but obviously not with each  of you and therefore it
would be nice to meet you on the ground.
End of Jean-Pierre's message.

	At this time we on Earth are standing by for any further images or voice
information from Mir.  The crew has indicated they will leave the Amateur
Radio Equipment connected until the last moment so we may have more inputs
form the Mir Space station.
						73 to All,  Farrell Winder, W8ZCF Cincinnati, Ohio

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