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Re: UO-22 EDAC (Was:San Diego for the poor)

In a message dated 99-08-25 17:01:36 EDT, you write:

> Oh, BTW: I just got VA3SFL back on the air ($%^$^& rotator cables!),
>  and see that UO-22's EDAC numbers have gone berserk since I was last
>  on two weeks ago (~1000 hits in two weeks). Solar activity, I presume?


My guess would be either some kind of recent solar activity or
cumulative radiation exposure.  But that's a guess.

The data at


shows that solar flux and sunspot counts have been going
up since Aug 18th, but the sunspot count was higher in July 
than it is now (127).  Solar flux is at a peak at about 208.  
It was about this high (210) earlier in August.   There 
were also some "M" flares during last week in addition
to the usual "C" flares.  Do you have the EDAC numbers for
7/24 - 8/07 ?   That's about the time of the previous peak.

Or, it could be that someone has fudged the EDAC number 
as an "a107" test.  Either way, I think this marks you as a 
potential future command station. :-)

Douglas KA2UPW
"Me? I want to write DSP code for satellites."
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