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QRP RTTY via AO-10

Hello ALL

On 23/24 august, PE1RAH (William) and i did some testing in RTTY (also
SSTV) via AO-10.
This very old form of digital communication is since some time also
availbable for use with a computer soundcard.
It's not very easy to make a long chat on AO-10 in phone when it's at far
range perigeum with regular QSB, but with RTTY, we 
made a usual chat like we mostly do in packet radio for about 2,5 hours,
troughout all QSB, whistle-QRM and even with low power.
Both using only 5 Watts (at 40.000 km range!!) we had 100% copy when no
QSB!!! We're both using rhcp x-yagi antennas.
(42el up/20el dwn PE1RAH and 30el up/20el dwn ON1DLL both the SP2 preamp
from SSB)
It's amazing how well this programm works, filtering the little tones out
of the noise. With those little signals, a phone QSO
would be out of the question, but it gives 100% copy in RTTY!!!
I1PIK (Peter) had hear us sending RTTY and made QSO with both of us.
Even on FO-20 and FO-29 it works very good, if you know how to handle the

So, if anyone who would be interrested... We're both qrv quite often, using
435.920 downlink with 45 bauds and 170Hz shift.
Centre freq 1360. The BTL programm can be obtained as freeware, and
supports most soundcards in both DOS and Windows.
I read there were stations who have used PSK31 via AO-10, and I would like
to see which one does the best, rtty or psk31.
PE1RAH does not have a 16bits bits soundcard, so no possibillity to try it.

See you on AO-10, there's lots of DX to work!
(QRV this week: TR8CA, OX3DB, ZS2BWB, 5H3US, PY4AJ, T72EB, SV5BYR on Rodos

Best 73 from ON1DLL Dirk

Pacsat AO-16/UO-22/KO-25/TO-31

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