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Re: I know this has been answered . . .

Paul Williamson wrote:

"Suggest you look at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/features/y2k_transition.html";

Perfect, exactly what I needed.

And he wrote:

"Definitively yes for InstantTrack. The new release of InstantTrack
(provisionally called version 1.50) will accept 2-line element sets. AMSAT
verbose format, too.
Actually, it turns out that ALL the Y2K problems in InstantTrack are related to
element set entry. The core engine and display routines have been Y2K-ready
from the start. I expect the same is true of most tracking programs."

QT.40a and QT5.0 both accept two line elements.  Quiktrak's mathematical core
always 2K compliant since we stop putting in that darned "sidereal constant"
and started
keeping time internally in julian days.  It was the user interface and
converting strings
to julian days where all the problem arose.  I have this mostly fixed.  
or unfortunately, I had added so many features that it turned out to be more
than a
simple fix (data files are different, needs a new manual for the new features,
etc.) and
drop in replacment for the user.
This will be more than a simple bug fix.  I am certain that upgrading IT will
be a
simpler matter for the user since you guys were smart enough to keep the source
the original stuff around.  I thought I had it, but I do not.  I am having to
reverse engineer
the data files from before so that I can supply a conversion routine! ;-(.


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