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Re: I know this has been answered . . . .

At 06:46 PM 8/24/99 -0700, Clifford Buttschardt wrote:
>Your certainly not alone, but I have read SOMETHING in the past on
>this.  It is well and good that both IT and Quicktrak are fixed for Y2K,
>but will they accept two line elements?  I've not read anything definitive
>on this and would like to know.  Cliff K7RR

Definitively yes for InstantTrack. The new release of InstantTrack (provisionally called version 1.50) will accept 2-line element sets. AMSAT verbose format, too.

Actually, it turns out that ALL the Y2K problems in InstantTrack are related to element set entry. The core engine and display routines have been Y2K-ready from the start. I expect the same is true of most tracking programs.

73  -Paul

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