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Re: LO-19

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999 jbblack@mindspring.com wrote:

> I have recently set up my station to receive on the digital birds and am
> monitoring everything that I can...  Monitoring LO-19 is unlike any other
> bird I have monitored.  All I receive is the following:
>     PHT:  uptime is 389/02:52:51.  Time is Tue Aug 24 16:27:29 1999
>     I P:0x3000 o:9 l:12644 f:12644, d:1 st:2

Wow,  you are an ideal candidate to operate as an APRS downlink gateway!
All you need is a 2m FM rig hooked up to the transmit side of
your TNC to digipeat the APRS packets from the bird over to the
terrestrial system on 144.39.  There it will be picked up by your local
APRS Igate and distributed worldwide!

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