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AO16/LU19/IO26 Renewed TRAKNET Interest

With the loss of MIR as the only AX.25 digipeater in space for wilderness
travelers and off-shore sailors to digipeat their Position/Status, there
is renewed interest in using the AO-16, LU-19 and IO-26 1200 baud AX.25
digipeaters for brief UI packet reporting.

The transmit side is trivial (a $3 mod to any TAPR-2 type TNC).  Thus,
anyone with a 5 watt or more mobile rig can report.  All we
have ever needed are a few automated UHF PSK downlink stations to digipeat
these packets back into the worldwide APRServe distribution system.

There are several recent things making this application more viable:
1)  The pending shut down of MIR digipeater
2)  More interest worldwide in APRS UI position/status reporting
3)  Steve Bible's work on a universal PIC manchester transmitter
4)  A possible student project at my school  to do the daily downlink
    tracking until we can automate it...
5)  A surprise announcement (from an author) coming soon...

If you are already on the AO16APRS@TAPR.ORG distribution list, good.  If
you want to join, then send the usual subscribtion message to

To learn more: http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/traknet.html

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