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Re: remote tracking at sea

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Mike Walker, VA3MW wrote:

>  Next May, there is a yacht race that runs from Miami to Viginia beach.
> It is called the Worrell 1000 http://www.worrell1000.com/ and generally
> raced on catamarans....  The problem is that there will be no digi
> coverage as they could be too far off shore to track.....
>  Are you aware of anything we could do with a satellite (or MIR if it is
> still around) that could do the job???  

NO/YES/MAYBE.  Too bad.  MIR would be perfect, but is QRT in 4 days.

YES/MAYBE.  If you make the $3 mod to any TAPR-2 TNC then you can digipeat
up to 12 times a day through the AO-16 and LU-19 1200 baud PACSATS.  But
you will have to manually tune the downlink (PSK) with a PSK modem and UHF
Allmode inorder to hear them...  But only one person needs to do that, and
then inject the data into APRServe for the whole world to see them..

OR, use AO27.  It will be over Ocean and so will have little Voice
traffic.  But there may be some user anxiety along the shore... :-)

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