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KG5ZA: Re: [sarex] Second Mir Voice Contact

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From: KG5ZA
To: vlfiscus@mcn.net, sarex@amsat.org
Subject: Re: [sarex] Second Mir Voice Contact
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 20:39:06 
Message-ID: <19990816.203814.5471.1.KG5ZA@juno.com>
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	Maybe you should take another look at the objectives Miles laid
out for the three public voice days.  It clearly states that those who
have had previous contacts should stand down and allow those that are
first timers to have their chance.
	It seems to me that your remarks are in the wrong this time.  Do
you really need to defend your action so strongly?  If you do then I
think You realize just how wrong they really were.  I thought DX'ers were
cut-throat now I'm beginning to wonder.  Are we civilized enough to enjoy
our HOBBY with out all the accusation and innuendo?

                          "73"      John,   KG5ZA

In The Twinkling of A Star,
  All That Glitters is not Gold!
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