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N Connectors

I'm curious about these "solder on" N connectors.  They always struck me as a
bad idea for a number of reasons.  Are they even constant impedance?  Do they
have the waterproof seals that "real" N connectors have (both front and back)? 
How do you keep from destroying the fragile dielectric in low loss coax with
the heat from soldering (and thereby loosing your constant impedance if you had
it to begin with)?

I'm not considering switching.  After a little practice I now find mil-spec N
connectors easier to install than PL-259s, but I see people talking about these
things (solder on Ns) like they were the best thing since sliced bread so maybe
I'm missing something??

Just curious.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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