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Paccomm NB-96 Help

Everything here was running fine until I install WinTNC and re-booted -
crashed my system.  Gave me a good excuse to clean my HDD off, but now I
cannot get my NB-96 to initialize.  Have tried 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 baud
with XOn/XOff, Hardware, and no Handshaking.  Have tried resetting from KISS
mode (alt 1-9-2; alt 2-5-5, return).  Nothing appears to work.  In WinPack,
the "dummy" LEDs at the bottom right flash in conjunction with the LEDs on
the front of the TNC.  I *may* have put the TNC in KISS mode before the
crash, but I don't remember it "taking" when I tried to initialize it into
KISS mode.  I have even tried moving it to a different Comm port.  I have
tried it with the radio on and the radio off (although this shouldn't
matter).  No cables have changed.  And yes, I have tried the Normal/Optional
EPROM switch in the back in all the various modes I mentioned above.

OM:  Joel B. Black, KS4AW     XYL:  Kristie H. Black, KF4CHN
Eutaw, AL...............EM62bv     kahblack@mindspring.com
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