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Fwd: Thanks, Quiktrak, etc.

I said:

>I would like to thank Roy Welch, John Roberts, and
>Bill Bordy for recovering the data on my old hard
>drive.  I have the source for QT 3.2, and the unreleased
>QT 4.0.  I will attempt to make it Y2K compliant.  Since that
>disk had the C compiler on it as well, I don't think that
>should be too difficult unless some unforeseen issues
>Bob, N4HY

I meant, I have the source for the unreleased QT 5.0 and
I do NOT have the source for QT 4.0a which is what
we are currently sending about.  This is will involve
more than a simple download.  Please stand pat
while AMSAT folks decide what to do with the
finished product.  I have about half of the routines
modified to accept as input, and to print properly
new date strings.  It was always internally consistent
since it computes based on seconds elapsed since . .
When that rolls over, we should replace it ;-).


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