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Ariane V-120 Slips to September

Ariane V-120 Slips to September

By Frank Sietzen, Jr.
Washington Bureau Chief

Aug 10 1999 16:49:39 ET

WASHINGTON – Arianespace’s V-120, the fifth launch of the year and its
second planned flight following a four-month launch hiatus, has been
rescheduled for September 1, the European launch firm says. The launch of
the Koreasat 3 communications satellite had been set for August 26.

The launch of the next mission, V-118, was delayed a week due to electrical
problems. The launch of V-118 is now set for Thursday August 12, which means
officials at the Kourou French Guiana spaceport need additional time to
prepare the site (the ELA 2 facility) for the launch of the V-120 vehicle.
The September date could change if V-118 is delayed again.

Launches of Ariane rockets have been delayed this year due to difficulty in
preparing satellite payloads for their manifested flights. Both the payload
for the V-118 mission, the Telekom-1 satellite, and the V-120’s Koreasat 3
were originally set to launch aboard the larger Ariane 5. But Arianespace
elected to move the spacecraft to individual launchers. The V-118 and V-120
launches will use the Ariane 42-P version of the European commercial space

That Ariane 5 flight, mission V-119, has not yet been rescheduled and is
awaiting a new set of satellite payloads.

Article courtesy of www.space.com

G. Beat

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