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Eclipse ATV balloon summary

Thanks to Peter for telling us about this novel balloon
project; the following summarizes the mission and websites
of interest.
Hank Riley, N1LTV
HABLIC: "All balloon launches, all the time" __|
The web's source for amateur radio high altitude balloon launch
              University of Pforzheim, Germany
This is a special launch on August 11 to capture on live ATV
the shadow of the moon during the solar eclipse as it races
across the earth.  The video will be accessible from the Internet
if all goes as planned.
If the balloon reaches above any clouds that may be present,
the shadow will be perfectly visible against either the earth
or the cloud deck above the surface but below the balloon.
There are at least three relevant websites to see.
(English translation of eclipse flight text available at the HABLIC
launch info website):
  http://www.fh-pforzheim.de/sofi/            Eclipse flight
  http://www.fh-pforzheim.de/sofi/live/       Live eclipse video
  http://ww2.fh-pforzheim.de/et/b_bild2.htm   Extensive balloon data
                                              and pictures from the
                                              1998 test flight.
Pforzheim and many other balloon projects available at
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