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Re: What equipment do people use for AO10

>Hi , Im interested what equipment people are using for Ao10 operation.
>Is there a list of what people use anywhere ?

OOPS, sorry, I forgot the second part of your question.  About two years ago
(+/-) Bob Myers published a gear list as part of his annual equipment survey in
his "Oscar Satellite Reports" publication.  It wasn't specific to AO-10, but
most of the respondents seemed to be on both AO-13 and AO-10.  It was about the
time AO-13 was crashing so maybe it was more than two years ago.  Perhaps
someone still has that issue or perhaps the folks who took over the publication
from Bob can find you a back issue.  At this point, however, it might be
considered a waste of money to set up a good AO-10 capable station as you won't
need it for anything but AO-10 in the forseeable future, and AO-10 could die
any day.  Of course, if money and time are no object, have at it.  You'll have
a killer start on a P3D station.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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