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Re: What equipment do people use for AO10

> Hi , Im interested what equipment people are using for Ao10 operation...

Hi Darren,

I see you got a reply from N1JEZ already.  My setup is quite similar. 
Antennas, crossboom, rototor, radios, virtually identical.  Where we differ is
in the feedline and amps.  My run is rather short (<50') so my preamps are in
the power amps in the shack (TE Systems on 435 and Mirage on 2 meters) and my
coax is a straight (no couplers, jumpers, adapters, meters or anything between
the antennas and the amps) run of Flexi 4-XL with N connectors on everything. 
I don't know what you expect, but I doubt that AO-10 will ever again be a
pleasant satellite to work (like AO-13 was or like AO-10 was when it was
"new").  I can "work" it just about any time it's lit up, but much of the time
it's more like work than it is fun.

See ya on P3D.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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