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Re: Re: Total Solar Eclipse

Hi All,

Richard W L Limebear wrote:
> There is a Mir pass over southern Europe at about the same time as the
> eclipse. Chance of a visual sighting ... in the daytime.
> Anyone planning to watch the eclipse from a point in (or near) totality
> might care to plot Mir's path beforehand and, whilst goggling at the
> stellar light (or absence of it) show, take the occasional look elsewhere
> to see if Mir shows up.

The best chance to see MIR during total eclipse should be from South
England (Plymouth) and maybe North France, when MIR is over France 
(around 10:15 UTC).  For the rest of Europe I see no chance.

> Don't credit me with discovering this, it came from someone else. I can't
> remember who - might be G3RUH.

James is in the total eclipse area for holiday, so we might hear later
from him.  :)

There is an excellent eclipse homepage at:


A very interesting balloon project (DF9IC) which includes ham radio to capture
life images from a maximum height of 30km can be found here:


Instead of the sun, they plan to look at the earth surface to view the
shadow of the moon.  ATV downlink is on 2.4 GHz
GPS position data will be transmitted on 145.200 MHz:
DF0AIS-1 to GPS1 (Balloon #1) and DF0AIS-2 to GPS2 (Balloon #2).

73s Peter DB2OS

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