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Mir SSTV and Voice results

Hi All:

The second MAREX-NA Public Radio schedule with the Space Station Mir
seems to have run well.
Jean-Pierre said, he was a little behind schedule getting the Soyuze ready for
undocking in 3 weeks.  The Mir crew turned on the SSTV some time around 15:00
utc on Sunday
Aug 8 and left it running.
The tentative plan was for the crew to be active on voice at approximately these
(crew work load permitting).
The crew may have been a little busy during the 15:00 part, was able to make the
16:30 part of the schedule, with a mixture of SSTV and voice.

Congratulations to everyone who helped out and for the informative reports.

The August 8 Sunday date will include the following cities
Part 1:  15:10 - 15:35 UTC    18:20 - 18:35 Mir Time

15:20     United Kingdom 18:20     United Kingdom
15:25     France              18:25      France
15:30     Greece              18:30      Greece
15:33     Israel              18:33      Israel
15:35     Saudi Arabia        18:35      Saudi Arabia

Part 2:  16:30 - 17:05 UTC    19:35 - 20:05 Mir Time

16:33     Mexico City         19:33      Mexico City
16:35     Pine Grove, Ca      19:35      Pine Grove, Ca
16:38     Bowling Green, KY   19:38      Bowling Green, KY
16:39     Indianapolis, IN         19:39      Indianapolis, IN
16:39     Cincinnati          19:39      Cincinnati
16:39     Winnipeg       19:39     Winnipeg
16:41     Boston, MA          19:41      Boston, MA
16:45     St Johns       19:45     St Johns
16:54     London              19:54      London
16:55     Casablanca          19:55      Casablanca
16:55     Marseille      19:55     Marseille
17:04     Central Africa      20:04      Central Africa

MAREX-NA has one more public schedule planned for August 15.
Good luck,

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