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Re: RS12 Skeds + AO27 possible

Hello Arnie, Many thanks for the E-Mail, I am putting your letter
on the AMSAT
Bulletin board, so that many U.S. Canadian and other hams in the
Central and 
South Americas, will be aware of your proposed HAM satellite
I look forward to having a contact with you on AO-27 sometime
between the 15 and 31 August
73 de Robin VE3FRH
Executive Vice President AMSAT-NA

"Prof.Arnaldo Coro Antich" wrote:
> Dear friend:
> Just saw your e-mail address in the AMSAT
> bulletin I receive via e-mail.
> I have operated on several amateur satellites
> in the past, actually I was the first Cuban
> station to use RS12 !!
> >From August 15 to August 31 I will have a
> partial vacation from work, and will like
> to make some satellite contacts, especially
> with stations that need Cuba for satellite
> awards.
> My very modest station for RS12 uses an
> HTX100 as receiver and a dipole antenna for
> the 10 m downlink.
> I uplink via 2 meters using 5 watts and
> a J antenna, but can use higher power if
> needed....
> I can also uplink via the 15 m band.
> I have never worked the A027, but think that
> my 2 meter FM transmitter FT212 is good
> enough, while the receiver available may
> not be that good, it is just an old PRO38
> scanner. Have a nice 15 element 70 cm Yagi
> of K1FO designed , very well built and fully
> tested... maybe TOO narrow beam for tracking
> the bird !!!
> Anyway, thought that the next two weeks could
> be interesting for playing with satellites
> and working a few stations.
> I receive the Keplerian elements OK via e-mail, but have some kind of
> trouble with the tracking
> software ( maybe it is my fault, as I have not
> used it in a long time... perhaps forgetting
> the HOW TO... of the uploading of the Keplerian
> elements to the tracking software )...
> My computer is a Pentium running at 150 mHz
> with a plain vanilla VGA display and just
> 16 meg RAM... but works quite well , despite
> its limitations for present day software.
> 73 and hope to hear from you soon
> Arnie Coro
> P.S. I have promoted amateur satellites a lot
> in my Radio Havana Cuba show Dxers Unlimited,
> telling listeners how to monitor the downlinks
> of RS12 on 10 meters, giving many people their
> first direct contact with space radio !!!
> Arnie Coro CO2KK
> Host of Dxers Unlimited
> Radio Habana Cuba
> e-mail:arnie@radiohc.org
> e-mail:inforhc@mail.infocom.etecsa.cu
> Postal address:
> Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich
> La Torre no.127 entre 35 y 37
> Nuevo Vedado, Plaza
> Ciudad Habana , 10600
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