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Re: Total Solar Eclipse

Interesting suggestion, Bill.  I wonder what the chances are MIR could have 
the SSTV on during the same period?  I will, unfortunately, have to be at 
work during this "event," but I can configure my station for automatic 
capture and save of Robot 36 pics.

Jerry, K5OE

> Please excuse this post for being slightly off-topic but I know a lot of
>  AMSAT fans are also interested and active in downloading weather satellite
>  pictures.
>  This message concerns NOAA-14 and next Wednesday's total eclipse.
>  According to my prediction programs, NOAA-14 will pass over the line of
>  totality towards the end of the track across the middle-east next Wednesday
>  and may well pass directly over the point of totality. Stations in that 
>  of the world will have a great opportunity to get an unusual if not unique
>  picture. 
>  Wish it was going to happen here!
>  It would be great to see such a picture posted up on UO-22 or KO-25. (How's
>  that for a sneaky way of getting back on-topic?). Needless to say, the
>  visible light picture should be the more revealing of the two although the
>  IR image may also reveal some surface cooling. I've only ever seen one such
>  picture which was published in our local astronomical society magazine some
>  time ago. It wasn't all that good.
>  Regards to all,
>  Bill...vk3jt
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