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Total Solar Eclipse

Hi all,

Please excuse this post for being slightly off-topic but I know a lot of
AMSAT fans are also interested and active in downloading weather satellite

This message concerns NOAA-14 and next Wednesday's total eclipse.

According to my prediction programs, NOAA-14 will pass over the line of
totality towards the end of the track across the middle-east next Wednesday
and may well pass directly over the point of totality. Stations in that part
of the world will have a great opportunity to get an unusual if not unique

Wish it was going to happen here!

It would be great to see such a picture posted up on UO-22 or KO-25. (How's
that for a sneaky way of getting back on-topic?). Needless to say, the
visible light picture should be the more revealing of the two although the
IR image may also reveal some surface cooling. I've only ever seen one such
picture which was published in our local astronomical society magazine some
time ago. It wasn't all that good.

Regards to all,


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