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KCT Driver for NT

My NT port driver installation kit and SDK is available
to those of you who write software that interfaces with
the KCT (or any other card for that matter). I have
tested it against the KCT card on NT and it controls
my 5400B rotor and FT847 radio just fine.
This is not the rr.dll (WISP) that I had hoped to port 
to NT, but rather it is an NT driver for accessing the 
IO addresses on any card in an NT system. It comes with
a command line installation script that may be invoked
by your own installation scripts. The SDK I beleive is
very simple to use because it defines the inp and outp
functions (which I would expect you are all using to
access IO addresses on DOS,95,98). It should really be
as easy as including the header file and recompiling on

I would love to port the rr.dll to NT for distribution
at large but the rr.dll source I have is not compatible
with the shipping version if WISP. Perhaps some day
soon I'll get the correct version.

At any rate, if you want it, just e-mail me.

- Mark West

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